Umbrel Node Backup

I was flipping through similar posts and could not find posts similar to mine. I have a REMOTE umbrel node on my home network. I currently have an empty bitcoin and lightning wallet with no channels and dont really intend to use it. I was thinking of installing the specter node app and using a multisig wallet in specter. I am hesitant to do so in case something happens to the node such as a malfunction. How do I back up the node or do I have to? I have nothing on it but the installed apps. I have my lightning seed and my JAM seed.

Within the Specter app you are able to manage your Backup and Restore and download the Specter backup file, you will need to manage this and your wallet seeds securely as per best practices.

For JAM/JoinMarket as well it is a fully non-custodial wallet so you’ll just need to handle your seed phrase and password as per what is provided there as well to recover. It is saved on first setup and should also be viewable under Settings > Wallet.

In the event of any hardware changes you would be able to restore from these backups and recover so it’s best to be prepared, and please be advised many of the features are still experimental so use whatever solution that you have tested and makes you comfortable. Please let me know if you have any other specific questions I may address!

(p.s. the lightning node does have a handy auto-recover feature too if utilized! :slightly_smiling_face:)