Mobo died... Lightning channels recovery questions

I’ve been running Umbrel for at least a year… mobo on my pc died; luckily I created an rsync backup right before the motherboard failure. I created a virtualbox Ubuntu 22.04 VM, created a 2T virtual disk, copied my ~/umbrel directory and contents to it, after installing Umbrel 0.5.4. Had to change the bitcoin/docker-compose.yml to use the new disk, restarted Umbrel, and bitcoin and electrs resynced after a day.

The problem is that my Lightning node shows an incorrect balance and no channels… but Amboss still shows correct channal info after a week of downtime. Trying to recover my Lightning just results in it sitting and spinning, doesnt ask for the 24 words. If I delete my Lightning app (and the others such as RTL), reinstall, and recover, does it close my channels, or restore them? Looking for the least harmful way to recover. Why didnt I virtualize Umbrel before? Arrgh!

Ah sorry to hear that- what a pain.

Deleting and then reinstalling the lightning app will let you recover via seed phrase.
You will likely need to use a back-up to restore your node, which will come up after you enter your seed phrase. Unfortunately there is a chance that if the last back-up does not reflect the state of the node before it went down, LND may automatically force close the channels in that case.