Umbrel GUI not updating

My Umbrel GUI is suddenly acting strange, and it is not showing the following parameters:

  • Number of channels
  • Blockchain data (wallet content not showing and sync % is at 0)
  • Node temperature
  • Storage used
  • Ram used

I have rebooted both node and router, and it did not have any positive effect

Running Umbrel logs does not detect any problems, other than the tor logs showing a couple of warnings regarding “failing a very large amount of circuits.” Node temperature shows in the log - even if missing in GUI.

Mempool app has no issues, it is showing an updated mempool
RTL ses the correct on-chain balance which Umbrel GUI fails to show.

Node is routing and channels become active after a node reboot
No issues with the internet or power connections

So it looks like the node is humming along nicely, and that it is just the Umbrel GUI not updating.

I guess re-flashing the SD (again…) would be an option?

Flashing the SD did not help. Umbrel GUI is still not updating. According to LNDg and Mempool the node is up and running, payments are routing, mempool is buzzing - but Umbrel GUI is showing this:

LNDg is telling a different story:

I am running Umbrel v. 0.4.18. Any ideas?

Issue is partly resolved. Umbrel GUI seems to have a problem with Chrome. All the missing parameters return when opening up the dashboard in Safari.