Umbrel freezes after a few days


new to the community. happy to be there and participate :grinning:.
i have installed my node a few weeks ago but i get my node to freeze regularly (3 times).
i didn’t create yet any channel as i want first to have a stable node.
the node is blockchain synchronised and up to date (0.4.10), the hardware is the recommanded one.

the symptoms are the same as post [Raspberry stops working without any apparent reason] but my logs are different.

freeze and no possibility to connect via http (no response), SSH (connection refused) or hdmi port (black screen). the only way is to reboot (unplug electricly) and that’s fine again (just have to synchronise the blockchain again a little).

the vcgencmd get_throttled command outputs throttled=0x0 (not the power supply)

Could you please help me understand the source of the problem with these logs (captures from dmesg) ?

capture1: the usbs detected
capture2: strange red logs (maybe meaningless here)
capture3: i guess the reason of the problem. i just wonder if it would be linked to the usb cable or a bug of the SSD drive. Both are new.

If someone could just confirm me my suspicions or correct me with the good solution/path ?
Any advice welcomed…

Thanks in advance.
capture 1:
capture 2:
Capture2|555x500 !
capture 3:
Capture3|459x500 !

Hello. Some ideas.
Do you use a no-break (ups)? It is necessary to a server…
Do you use a good power supply? (the official is a good option, as it has only one USB connector to bring problems…)
The version 1.4.10 is very bugged, it may not help fight instability. But to downgrade, only with a clean install…

thks LogoGuara for your ideas, here my answers:
1 ups : not yet. as the error is coming (see capture3) directly from the start i don’t think its the problem (except if there is something i’m not aware of ?). i of course intend to get one soon.
2 power supply: i use the official one.
3 when you write 1.4.10 i guess you mean 0.4.10. i just have the official version (official update suggested by my node). do you mean i shouldn’t have updated ? i thought the official updates were stable. if its not the case is there a link listing only the stable version ? and the way to downgrade safely ?
Any idea when reading the error messages (capture3) as i think the pb looks like coming from the connected device (if i’m right) ?
the SSD connected: [ORICO 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive Enclosure USB 3.0 Transparent Case SATA]

I think, first you have some power problems, and there´s no finished solution to that. From my own experience, if the power supply is good, the problem comes down to USB connectors. I use a brandless usb to sata adapter, i saw it was problematic, and I added some filtering capacitor on the adapter board to try to mitigate that issue. Since then had no problems (more than a month now running smooth). Let the Rpi quiet on a corner to avoid those contacts problem, also.
There´s a discussion here about a bug in the soft, causing conflicts on network (ipv4 x ipv6), I think you can use fixed IP to mitigate it.
From my experience, stabler version is 0.4.7.