Node freezed and connection is impossible

Hello !

I think my node is freezed. I can find him on my network with Angry IP but I can’t connect to him with SSH or Tor. Angry IP don’t show me the name or if there are open port (I know that it’s the good IP address because it the one with I connected my PC before).

Someone told me that it should be because of the node freezed.

Did you already have a similar issue and solve this problem ?

Thank you for your help ! :+1:

I don’t speak great English, sorry if I made mistakes… :sweat_smile:

Hey Toothless, sorry to hear your node is frozen - is your Umbrel on a Raspberry pi? If so, are you able to plug it into a monitor?

If not, you might have to just unplug and plug the machine.

Indeed, my node is on a Raspberry Pi. I could plug it into a monitor but the USB-C port is used to power the node :confused:

If I unplug and plug the node, it could corrupt the data no ?

Pi’s have a micro-hdmi port, but you’d need a micro-hdmi to hdmi adapter or cable.

And yes, unfortunately if you unplug and plug the node back in, there is a chance of corruption. As long as you have seed and channel backups, you should be okay though.

Ok. I might have one but I only will be able to use it tomorrow. If my node is freeze, how it can help to connect it to a monitor ?

I have my seed and channel back-up. Unplug and plug back my node is faster but will need more time to backup my node.

What do you recommend ?

If you connect it to the monitor, you can see what it’s actually outputting and potentially get access to the command line (so you can run a proper reboot).

If you’re okay with potentially just starting over, you can unplug and plug it back in. I would recommend the HDMI port first if it was me, but obviously it depends if you need to get to something.

Ok, I’ll follow your recommend. How could I get access to the command line ? I will only be able to see what’s going on by connecting my monitor no ?

You’ll need to plug a keyboard into one of the USB ports of the pi if you have one

Oh, ok. :sweat_smile: I should have thought of that. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your help, I will come back to you when I connected my monitor AND a keyboard.

I connected a monitor and a keyboard to my node but nothing happened.

I decided to unplug and plug back my node and he came back to life right after.

I don’t know why my node was like that but everything is fine now and I hope that it will stay online as long as possible.

Thank you for your help @jonsyu !

Glad it finally worked!