Node freezed after some hours

My umbrel keep getting stuck after hours working , and i can’t even login by ssh or browser, then i unplug the ethernet wire wait some minutes, and restart and node boot normally but after some hours , same thing happen.
I have checked temperature and throttled and looks OK
Data doesn’t look corrupted and after restart node keeps running fine for some hours, until I then need to repeat the process
My node have been running fine until recent update
Any help or tip with this?


My node have been running perfectly several months 3a charger and ssd crucial CT1000 X8 is recommended hard

Did you configure a static IP for your node or is your router assigning an IP via DHCP? In case of the latter, can you check if dhcpcd is running (after a boot)?

systemctl status dhcpcd

Your issue sounds a bit like mine, please see Node without IP-address due to dhcpcd segfault for details + solution.


If its been running months and then quit its a corrupted SD card. Re-flash it and it will run fine. I’ve had the same issue a few times and a flash always repairs it.

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I appear to be having the same issue. I am going to look at jordi reply on dhcpcd and check it out.

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I’ve got the exact same issue. Fresh setup, new sd-card, good temperature, good network setup, everything done by the book. Very annoying as the OS in general is very straightforward to set up.
Will also check out the dhcpcp tip and report back.

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Changed to static IP in the Raspberry Pi as per, now it seems to be a stable connection.
Thanks to @jordi in this thread :raised_hands:

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Good to hear @Erickartman. By any chance, did you also check whether the dhcpcd process was still running or that it crashed (you can use the command from my previous post)?

It would be helpful to see if this was the rootcause, so maybe you can check it and post the output of the command.

Hello, exactly the same problem here. @louneskmt is trying to help me with this issue.
After 3 or 4 reboot because umbrel crash, now i suspect my SD to be corrupt…
the debug and startup scripts does nothing… i see some files like /etc/dhcpd.conf with a size of 1.8k but when i try to edit nano tell me it’s a new file and it’s starts empty…
On the SSD the data seems to be here
If i have the umbrel seed and the LND channels backups extracted from /lnd/data, am i able to reinstall from scratch on a new SD ? Will my channels be automatically closed on the fresh install ?
I have 16 open channels with some funds in them and hope everything is SAFU for now…

Flashing the SD card and my node is online and sync 15 minutes after…Wooot
Great job, great project, great support (poke @louneskmt), longue live Umbrel (and fuck the crappy SD part of the Pi…)