Umbrel em arm orangepi

I had orangepi3b hardware, with 128GB nvme + 1T external hd, now they disabled the command:
curl -L | party
and with that I will have to throw my hardware away, as it is not possible to install, the above installation possibility allowed me to run Umbrel at an incredible speed, which is no longer possible.
In addition to not only using it as a bitcoin node on an external hard drive, but also using variations of its applications, seafile, pihole, relay nostr, snort, and others at incredible speed.
Disabling this type of installation is killing the hardware of many people who were running a new one, making the bitcoin network worse, fewer nodes available, less network.

how to install on linux hardware now? How do I install it on my imac that runs linux without killing my ubuntu OS?

It had 8GB of memory, and I have an orangepi with 16 of memory for the same purpose, which I use as a personal computer, now losing the possibility of using umbrel, they are making the progress of the network difficult for people with low purchasing power, only raspberypi4b is not sufficient for the community