Umbrel Bitcoin and nvme SSDs

Howdy, folks! New user here, just logging in to seek some help.

I’m trying to configure Umbrel and Bitcoin Node to use a Pi5 8GB and WD Black 2TB nvme SSD in an external USB housing (until my HAT arrives), but the past couple attempts, it seems everything is being written to the MicroSD card, and I get the ‘starting’ error because I’ve run out of space.

Can someone help point me in the right direction? Please understand I’m not a CLI guy and have no Linux chops, so be patient. :wink:

Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue, I also don’t know how to add externel storage in umbrel, so i will follow this topic

I have done this, but I had to try a couple of different nvme usb enclosures. This one works for me.

The first enclosure I tried did not get recognized and everything was put on the CD card. I’m not sure what the difference is, or whether my other enclosure was faulty. They’re both USB 3.1 Gen2, so they both should be compatible with the USB 3.0 on the Pi.

I haven’t been able to get umbrel working using the nvme directly connected to my PI5 using an Argon One V3 nvme case for the pi 5. Hopefully an update will become available.

I think the reason it’s not woking for you is because you’re using USB external cases. The method I posted was for ‘internal’ PCIe SSD boards.

Have a look here:

NOTE: Since my post, the CURL method of install is no longer supported by Umbrel. You will have to flash the Umbrel OS directly to the NVMe SSD (using one of those USB enclosures you have) and then run the install from there once the instructions for preparing the PiOS are done.

The Cruxtec external case works fine. So I have mynvme ssd in an external USB case, and everything worked fine. Plugged SSD case into USB port, flashed Umbrel on to the SDCard. Booted up, and it used the external USB drive, and I have 1.8Tb space. :slight_smile:

I’m probably going to leave it like this until there is an update to the curl method or Umbrel supports the NVME.

You’re missing the point.

You can use the NVMe drive INTERNALLY (i.e. with a ‘HAT’) and boot directly off of it without the mSD card installed and still benefit from all 2T. It’s MUCH faster and supports Umbrel 1.x already if you just do a little extra config beforehand.

OK, I understand. If I did that would umbrel upgrades and app upgrades work?

I have an Argon One V3 case with the nvme expansion base. I got Raspbery Pi OS going using the internal nvme and it was great. Good boot and fast. But i thought I read somewhere the Umbrel OS upgrade may not work.

I wish I could say for sure. I don’t know anything about the Argon case other than they look awesome and have a good reputation. But I don’t see why a direct upgrade wouldn’t work if you’re already booting and running Umbrel directly off of the NVMe. It’s not possible to say for sure because v 1.2 isn’t out yet, so nobody knows.

The only way to know for sure would be to give it a try, with the understanding that you may have to start from scratch.