Reinstall Umbrel Without Data Loss

I’m running Umbrel as a Bitcoin node. Can someone outline how I’d do a reinstall of Umbrel without losing my data? Is this a case of needing another 2T+ drive for the blockchain and settings, imaging and then restoring the data partition?

I am trying to a similar question answered, but no one can it I guess
Did find any info anywhere on this

Did you find any ways to do a transfer to with loss of data

Not yet. I’m guessing I’ll need a drive that’s at least as large as the SSD to back it up (just in case), then image fresh OS partitions to the drive and see what happens. Not ready to do that just yet. Maybe this weekend…

I cam across the guide post Move LND to new disk without closing channels containing this guide How to Migrate an Umbrel LND Node without Closing Channels -
following this guide, i am installing a fresh umbrel instance with my old one running.
install bitcoin on new node, stop all dockers and umbrel
rsync bitcoin blocks over
start umbrel make sure sycned
stop both umbrels
rsync over lnd and other app-data
starrt new nodes umbrel and dockers and if all goes well do not start old one… this is the basic idea for LND but should apply to everything

Yeah, that’s the problem right there. I need to REinstall on the same drive, per my post. I don’t happen to have an additional 2TB drive hanging around.