Umbrel crashes, unable to connect or access umbrel.local

Hi, i can’t get through 3 days without crashing. Sometimes it’s less, i had to unplug the umbrel 5 times a day a week ago.

I have original hardware

  • raspbpi 4 8GB with flicr case, 32gb original sd and usb-c power plug
  • verbatim-vi550-s3-2-5-ssd-1tb
  • ugreen-usb-c-31-to-25-sata-hard-drive-enclosure-d6126451

Before problems started, i had a 3.0 USB case which went a month without crash. It is supposed to not work but it did somehow. Then crashes started like 3 weeks ago, i read a lot of topic and came to conclusion that it has to be the case, replaced it with 3.1 which was reported to be working perfectly. Wondering why, crashes continued. The SSD is supposed to have very low voltage consumpsion, but i have no way to test it. My story is almost identical to


but i do not wanna invest another EUR without being sure that is this or that that is mulfunctioning.

I am attaching debug and syslog.


I have reflashed SD card several times. I have also set up static IP adress according to a how-to from this website.

What i have noticed is that after crash, there is always with Disable / Enable at the start

Disable of device-initiated U1 failed.

Then about 2 hours crash follows.

Any idea what it might be ?

edit: i had to remove http links because i am “new” :slight_smile: sorry for that