Umbrel and UmbrelOS compatibility/migration

Hello. I have a specific question re. Umbrel /UmbrelOS installations. Basically this…

I have a Pi4 node on UmbrelOS version 0.5.4
and now have a separate Pi4 running Umbrel (installed on RaspiOS.) version 0.5.4

Is it possible to shutdown my UmbrelOS node (Umbrel on SD card with external drive) and migrate to the Umbrel (RaspiOS with external Drive)?

I have a synced blockchain on both nodes and I see the data structures are the same. I realize that this may be untested, and not recommended, but would like further input from the community of this has been attempted, or shouldn’t be attempted (if not, why not) what potential issues, or generally not that hard to do.

Any help would be massively appreciated.