Best strategy to move from Pi 4 (Umbrel 0.5.4) to a Linux Device (Normal PC) Umbrel 1.x.x


I’m looking to move my BTC node with my Pi 4 lighting channels to a new install on a much stronger PC using the latest version of Umbrel (1.x.x). Can anyone tell me what the safest strategy is to do this without having to close all my channels?

I thought about using the explanation from this link below and using the backup script, and then performing an AUTO IMPORT on the first Umbrel boot (1.x.x), but it wasn’t clear to me in the explanation if this works from Pi 4 to the Linux device, since it is about migration on “linux devices” and Pi migration is just a sd card update.

Can someone please clarify if this backup script procedure will work from the old Umbrel Pi4 to a new Umbrel Linux Device?

If this script doesn’t work, will this script permanently stop the Pi4 from working, or can I recover it if everything fails?

Thanks for the help in advance,