Umbrel + Alby browser extension

The Alby browser extension builds the bridge between my Umbrel node and the various Lightning web apps. It is open-source and allows me to connect various wallets and nodes to spend and earn sats on the web in a non-custodial and convenient way.

This guide describes how to connect your Umbrel node to the Alby browser extension.

Let´s start:

Step 1: Install the Alby extension in your browser

Make sure to pin the icon of the Alby extension to your browser bar for easier access

Note: If you already installed Alby, simply add a new account within the Alby extension

Step 2: Open the Alby browser extension and follow the steps in the instruction

Step 3: Select the Umbrel connector to connect your Umbrel node

Step 4: You will need the lndconnect URL

Step 5: In your Umbrel dashboard open the app Lightning Node

Step 6 : Select REST (Tor) and copy the lndconnect URL

Step 7: Copy and paste the lndconnect URL to Alby

Step 8: Download and install the Alby companion app to connect to your Umbrel behind Tor and click on 'Continue '.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Umbrel node to Alby.
image (5)

Alby´s goal is to create the best online experience to consume and reward content and services online. They are very open for feedback. You can file a Github issue or use the Feedback board for feature requests and bug reports.

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Failed to install the Alby companion App. Using Kiwi browser on Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. Any hints?

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What operating system are you running on the Samsung Tab?
Feel free to DM me:

Android 13

The Alby companion app is currently only available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, sadly. But I successfully tested a connection via Lightning Node Connect. it is a product from Lightning Labs and natively integrated in the Alby browser extension.

I tried to connect Alby with Umbrel using the Extension via the Impervious browser but it doesn’t want to connect. When I do the same by using Chrome it works but I don’t want to use Chrome. Would anyone have suggestions for this?

With Alby you can use any Chromium based browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc.) or Firefox based browser (e.g. Firefox itself or Tor browser).

Hi @Moritz – Thank you for this guide. However I am using Core Lightning via Umbrel and cannot seem to figure out how to run the Commando plugin to receive the required Rune to connect to Alby. I located ‘lightning-cli’ in the umbrel directory but running ‘lightning-cli commando’ suggests that the Commando plugin is not installed. Do you know the best way to address this?

The commando plugin should ship natively with Core Lightning. Are you on the latest version of Core Lightning and have you tried lightning-cli commando-rune to generate a rune?

It must be something more basic going on. I had trouble even finding lightning-rpc in the Umbrel installation at first, but when I go to use it, it’s acting as if it’s not there:

server@server-MS-7885:~/umbrel/app-data/core-lightning/data/lightningd/bitcoin$ ls
accounts.sqlite3 crash.log.20230610130750 emergency.recover gossip_store hsm_secret lightningd.sqlite3 lightning-rpc
server@server-MS-7885:~/umbrel/app-data/core-lightning/data/lightningd/bitcoin$ sudo ./lightning-rpc command-rune
sudo: ./lightning-rpc: command not found