Umbrel 0.5.2 is here with Community App Stores, Tor access toggle, search in app store, and more

Today, we’re taking the censorship-resistance of Umbrel to a whole new level. Introducing Umbrel 0.5.2 with Community App Stores. Now anyone can publish an app store for Umbrel, without submitting apps to our official app store. :tada:

Here are the docs on how to create your own community app store.

And here’s a demo of community app stores in action:

Community App Stores in Umbrel 0.5.2 | video

Our goal with the Community App Stores is to ensure that we don’t retain an exclusive control over what apps you can or cannot install on your Umbrel. It also helps developers distribute their beta apps for testing before they’re ready for our official app store. :hammer_and_wrench:

Also new in Umbrel 0.5.2 — enable/disable Tor remote access from settings. There’a also a new super-fast search in the app store. Yep, we were tired of doing Cmd/Ctrl+F on the app store too. :sweat_smile:

This release also contains tonnes of bugfixes and performance improvements. The full changelog is on our GitHub.

Twitter announcement:


Looks brilliant and couldn’t have come soon enough for me — got the new microsd card wear out warning on my dashboard after update.

Only one problem, the link to the 0.5.2 image doesn’t seem to be updated yet?

Appreciate the amazing work you guys are doing.

Thanks, @ravine.storewide416! Glad you like the update!

Sorry about that, the new OS image will be available in ~1 hour.

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I’m getting the SD card notification as well, and the link to the file is still down. Should I just ignore this or am I able to follow the same process using 0.5.1?

Same here, changed with a brand new mSD (just bought today) and the message still appearing :person_shrugging: Is umbrel able to recognise broken particles in the mSD or is just a reminder?

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my App Store with everyone and report some issues I am having. My app store is located at I have MonicaCRM, Tiddlywiki, Wallabag, all working and tested. If you scroll to the bottom of the README you can install my apps from the command line.

I have some issues with my Community App Store I wanted to document,

Firstly I can sucesfully add my community app store within the Umbrel GUI but I can’t see my apps, please see screenshot below

Secondly I am having issues adding images and a logo to my apps in my community app store. After the apps are installed from my CLI they appear as such,

Please note that even the default sparkles-hello-world app’s logo does not appear even though it has images in its umbrel-app.yml file. I have noticed that the images within the default umbrel apps repo reference files within another repo. I am assuming you guys have just not implimented this feature yet, I would appreciate better documentation but if that is the case I guess I should do the pull requrests.

I would appreciate any feedback and requests for apps to add, Thanks

There is similar issue here: App store empty after installing / removing development app · Issue #1563 · getumbrel/umbrel · GitHub
I am also running into this issue.

I tried a re-install which did not help. Eveything seems to be working fine from the command line but the installed apps don’t show up in Umbrel although I see the containers perfectly running.

@dentropy I tested your store as well and it shows up empty for me.


Is there a repository/group bringing together the community stores? And does anyone know of any with the implementation of peerswap (blockstream) for LND?

Hope this helps!


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