Community App Store Updates?

Hi I have been putting some apps I would like to use into a community App Store I made here: GitHub - buttonbeaver/beaver-umbrel-app-store: Apps I want to use on Umbrel. (Thank you to @smolgrrr for informing me about community app stores and their useful awesome-umbral list that provided a great learning resource).

Only the first app I added is showing up in my App Store and I’m wondering if there is some kind of cache I have to clear somewhere (I’ve tried removing/readding the App Store as well as restarting my Umbrel) in order to get it to pull the latest update? Or maybe the other apps not showing up means they are just improperly formatted?

Thank you for any advice anyone can provide.

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Hi @buttonbeaver

Great to hear, and these are some amazing apps :people_hugging: I’m keen to try out freeciv

The only one to not appear for me is the ipfs_node. Usually this is related to the umbrel-app.yml, and probably due to using assets folder for the icon (I’ll confirm with the dev team). Another recommendation I would make is renaming the directories to reflect the app name e.g. ipfs-node → beaver-ipfs-node

Btw, I get the following error when trying to install the ipfs_node

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Thank you smolgrrr for these suggestions and to know that freeciv shows up for you (as it hasn’t for me yet so that’s good info). I will use this information to try and get both ipfs and freeciv working correctly so we all have access to them

Oh yeah forgot to mention, I usually do the same as you when I add a new app to the repo. I either remove the app-store from the webGUI and then re-add, or I run sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/repo update from cli (which sometimes doesn’t update the webGUI interface tho)

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