May have figured why Node keeps becoming unresponsive

So I’ve had my pi5 umbrel btc node running for a few weeks now. It’s been a bit of a challenge, however, but I think I may have figured out WHY it keeps disconnecting!

So I’ve now done 6 fresh installs, with 3 full btc core downloads. I’ve had the experience, where it’s running just fine, I go to sleep, wake up in the morning - only to find that it’s unresponsive. This forces me to have to do a hard reset (on pi physical button).

What I’ve noticed is that every time it’s done this, and I restart piOS, there’s always an update waiting to be downloaded/installed. So that’s where I’m at, and I’m going to try this (as presented here:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades

sudo unattended-upgrade -d -v --dry-run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure --priority=low unattended-upgrades

Hopefully, this does the trick and helps anyone else having similar issues.

I can’t test it until my node/wallets are finished doing some tasks that may take a while, and I can’t risk another glitch…

Please chime in if anyone sees a problem with following through with these commands.


Update: Disregard - didn’t fix it.

umbrel just became unresponsive again, after about 18 hours. So no change:/

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I’m having the same problem and I just shut it off, via the power button on the pi5 and I’m leaving it alone until Umbrel has updated their software for the pi5.
Too much technical stuff for a non-coder.

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Me too. Will try again later.

As much as I’m bummed to hear it’s affecting others, I’m comforted in knowing that there’s a little less chance that it’s b/c I’m a knob!

I don’t know how, or if, I can assist in helping developers to pinpoint the issue. I’m happy to supply logs or whatever if it’ll help.

Ive had ZERO success updating while umbrel is running.

Try turning OFF unattended upgrades.

Stop umbrel before upgrading.

If thats what was happening…

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll give it a try when I finish a process here that requires my electrum server up and running…

Unfortunately, for now it looks like I’m waking up and restarting each day to get resynched.