Umbrel 0.4.18 is out with Liquid full node and more

Umbrel 0.4.18 is now out with 2 brand new apps in the Umbrel App Store — Elements Core (run a Liquid Network full node on your Umbrel), and IPFS Podcasting (crowd-host podcasts over the IPFS network). :rocket:

Also included are updated apps, including the latest Pi-hole, Suredbits Wallet, BTCPay Server, LNDg, Kollider, Helipad, ItchySats, Squeaknode, usocial, Lightning Terminal, LNMarkets, and Agora. Just login to update!

Run your own Liquid Network node on your Umbrel:

With the new IPFS Podcasting app, you can turn your Umbrel into an IPFS node for self-hosting, crowd-hosting, and archiving your favorite podcasts on the IPFS network:

Twitter announcement:



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After installing the elements core app is there anything to do or is it ready to go ?

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:flushed: No news of updating LND, Btc Core and Tor? :worried:

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Yep, it’s ready to go!

Unfortunately some apps don’t work with the latest Bitcoin Core and LND yet. Eg. Mempool doesn’t work with Bitcoin Core 23.0. So we’ll wait a bit more to make sure all the apps (at least the popular ones) have been updated to support the latest Bitcoin Core and LND before shipping their updates.


I think is a mistake.
Users want CLN not Liquid… CLN is much important than Liquid.
But anyway, is optional so doesn’t really matter.
I was expecting also to be included the latest Tor update 4.7.7 that is a very important piece and awaited.

Will be nice to have on the github page a good release notes, IN DETAILS, to see what was added, what
bug was fixed, what app was updated.

So I will just skip this update, is not relevant.


Thanks! Will there be a tutorial on how to use it ? Iam noob

Start here with *getting started with umbrel
then continue with all guides posted in dedicated section of this forum named “guides” - there is the starting point for all new users.

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Thank you ! Is there a guide for the new elements core too ?

I meant iam noob to the elements core. I have used btc core and lightning before. Thanks for your support

Right. I was so excited when they announce it on Twitter about the update. Only realize it is not Core Lightning, just before I click the update button.

Hypothetically speaking, If umbrel release CLN, are we able to run both LND and CLN side by side? or we have to choose one?

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Exactly that I am waiting: CLN node (C-.Lightning)

Theoretically yes, it is possible. Are two independent nodes, using same bitcoin node data, but running separate databases and nodeid.

But the aspect you have to take in consideration is how powerful is your node machine to handle 2 LN nodes. A RPi barely can handle a LND node with 200 channels.
Yes, CLN is using less resources, but still need a good amount.

Also you have to consider that each LN node will use a different port and you will need to know how to manage the access to each one by mobile apps, TH, RTL etc. Not an easy task for a newbie.

In general adding CLN to Umbrel will make that some users choosing CLN instead of LND will make their tiny RPi nodes more accessible, fast and reliable.

I run a 2nd node with CLN, apart from Umbrel with LND, in another machine and I can say that is much faster than LND.


Yup, have a plan to just use two separate RPi, just to be safe, if Umbrel ever releases CLN :slight_smile:
Now the question goes to Umbrel: Wen CLN? :smiley:

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Mempool app is broken after this update :frowning:

LND 0.14.3 would be super appreciated because as many others, my node utxo’s are currently messed up due to stolen anchors.

If some unnecessary apps are becoming incompatible, I’d just omit them out.

Edit: Thank you for completely ignoring us. Ill be ditching out of Umbrel asap.


Can I connect my Green wallet to Elements core? you can help me? Thank you