Umbrel 0.4.1 is out with latest apps, performance upgrades, and more

Umbrel 0.4.1 is now out with LND v0.13.1, along with the latest versions of apps including Mempool, Specter Desktop, BTCPay Server, Samourai Server in the app store, visual improvements for Windows/Linux users, better Tor performance, persistent lnd.conf modifications (finally), Tor access bugfix for Nextcloud, celsius/fahrenheit switch for CPU temperature, and more. :rocket:

Apps unavailable/restarting after a software update, etc will now show up as “Starting…”

Celsius/fahrenheit switch because we embarrassingly misspelled “celcius” in the last update:

Twitter announcement:


Also: Home assistant bump to 2021.7
Question about Home assistant: what made you pick the “core” version? I am asking because the core version does not support add-ons.