Trouble Recovering lightning channels from backup (Windows10)

Having trouble recovering my lightning channels. Here are my steps.

I SSH into my umbrel@umbrel then include the command to recover my channels but I am getting a “no such file or directory”

Here is how I found my location of the backup file.

I then put the command in as written in the forum

Anyone know why it won’t recognize my backup file?


This is the other error I get…

Hey there,

the issue is the following:

  1. When you’re in Umbrel, it doesn’t have access to your files stored in Windows
  2. When you’re in Windows, it doesn’t know SCP

Solving 1 is more difficult than 2, so follow this guidance to get this file from Windows to your Umbrel:

SCP copy windows local file to linux remote folder

Answer No#1 should be the most straightforward. Google for WinSCP, it’ll allow you to setup your Umbrel as a saved server, and you can easily transfer files back and forth. Once you transferred it, you need to do the following

umbrel/bin/lncli verifychanbackup [followed the multi-file attributes you used, including specifying the file you just copied]

This worked!

Put the node IP address into the host name