Lightning channel won't restore


My Umbrel node HD crashed…

I restored my node off the 24 word seed.

I have restored my wallet fund with the same seed in bluewallet.

I had 1 LND channel open and was provided the most current update of my channel from the umbrel DEV team with these instructions.

Restore backup -
#### Step 1: Copy over the encrypted backup file from your computer to your Umbrel.

Open the “Terminal” app on Mac/Linux, or “PowerShell” on Windows and run this:

scp <path/to/your/encrypted/backup/file> umbrel@umbrel.local:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.pgp

_(Replace `<path/to/your/encrypted/backup/file>` with the exact path to encrypted backup file on your computer)_
_(Exemple of file: `123456789.tar.gz.pgp`)_

This file has been truncated. show original

They will not work for me. I have the file on my desktop

I type this in terminal
scp <Users/goodfellas/Desktop/1637643702336.tar.gz.pgp > umbrel@umbrel.local:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.pgp

It says this.
-bash: Users/goodfellas/Desktop/1637643702336.tar.gz.pgp: No such file or directory

any help would be very appreciated.

Your terminal is telling you the file doesn’t exist or is typed wrong. Are you entering it in your umbrel?

To me it looks like the file is on a windows or dos file system structure. the scp command should be done from there (windows computer) on the same network, if windows has “scp” I don’t know much about windows.

You are just trying to copy it over to your temporary directory on your umbrel “/tmp” this could be done many ways including in a regular file browser if the computer is set to sharing

I am on a Mac

From the Mac terminal make sure you can get to your desktop folder with a change directory

cd /Users/goodfellas/Desktop

If that works then list the directory


You should see the file you want to move.

Type obviously change file name variable

scp ./thefilename umbrel@umbrel.local:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.pgp

Image attached. Sorry, I am trying to learn terminal

Looks like the directory was good the issue must be the filename.

Run the list command


And look for the file you want

Just put

./ Then the filename no previous directory

Something like this

scp ./1637643702336.tar.gz.pgp umbrel@umbrel.local:/tmp/backup.tar.gz.pgp

Note I had a typo before this is correct

Hey, I think this was already figured out on the Telegram, but his channel backup still isn’t working, pinging @louneskmt on this one (mentioned in our Telegram chat), user is receiving this error:

You had to execute that command in the Desktop directory ie. After the first cd command

User is using the wrong pgp password key it appears

Can you show me step by step how to do it correct. I am trying to learn.