Lightning channel recovery

Attempting to recover lightning channels with umbrel / raspberry pi set up
Trying to scp - copy the channels.backup file into the raspberry pi.
ssh into the raspberry pi umbrel.local OK
when scp used several options are offered. Don’t know which one to use or why.
is there any easy way to copy the channel.backup file in?
what directory location does that file belong in?

Full guide here, 6 ways to restore your dead Umbrel node

I’m actually recovering funds from an old CASA node.
I have the static channel backup file. It was on the scan disc in the casa.
I need to get that file into the new Pi, that is running umbrel.
The SCP command is asking that I select from several options to complete the file transfer from my windows 10 computer. Not sure which one to select.
Could I just use FileZilla to move the file from my Windows computer to the Pi. Is there any special Directory that the Channels.Backup file need to be located in, when I move it.