Backup restore for lighting

Im trying to get my lighting backup to install on a fresh install of my node. But all my backups keeps saying No such file or directory. I have copy and pasted the path

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ scp /Volumes/Samsung_T5/Umbrel/my-umbrel-channels4-6.backup umbrel@umbrel.local:/home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd/channel.backup
umbrel@umbrel.local’s password:
/Volumes/Samsung_T5/Umbrel/my-umbrel-channels4-6.backup: No such file or directory
umbrel@umbrel:~ $

This is the backup file when I would update the software

scp command is not “inside” SSH, is outside in terminal.
Or just copy the SCB file on a USB stick and plug it into your node and then construct the restore from that path.