Transaction not picked up by Umbrel

I have my Umbrel wallet exported to BlueWallet, so I thought I could use either to send and receive. But today I have tried to send some sats from my main BlueWallet to my Umbrel in BlueWallet. The BlueWallet saw the transaction arriving to the Umbrel just fine, but when I have visited the Umbrel, it wasn’t there. I had to send it again from the address in the BlueWallet using coin control to the address generated by Umbrel, and it appeared in Umbrel instantly.
While I have learned the lesson, I still don’t quite understand what has happened - must I always use Umbrel to receive and cannot use mirroring wallets?

BTW, how do I inspect Umbrel addresses, must I use bitcoin cli? What would be the command line?

Are you talking about on-chain or LN transactions? If LN, the bluewallet wallet is separate from your Umbrel LN wallet. You use your Umbrel channels as capacity provider, but the SATS are separate. This is a meant to be a feature not a bug.

I’m talking about on-chain transaction. There is no “coin control” for LN :wink: