Transaction not found?

It can happen at times, it is some LND issue. Usually, a reboot solves this by rebroadcasting all the pending txs.

Next time it happens, you can check the LND logs file (~/umbrel/lnd/logs/bitcoin/mainnet/lnd.log) for more info. Look for terms like “[WRN]”, “unable to rebroadcast”, etc.

I have have similar problems, although my tx is not showing on any mempool explorer (localy or remotely)

Rebooting and using pushtx does not work… After reboot the transaction is no longer showing on Umbrel dashboard but I can find it under “pending open” on RTL so I still have the tx id.

On I get information “Transaction invalid: some outputs that it attempts to spend have been already spent or are no longer valid.”

(It is a dual funded channel opening)

As I see it: funds are missing from Wallet and opening channel seems stuck in “pending” and should need a re-broadcast but cant make that work…

Any thoughts?

Hmm :thinking:

I am getting this:

“Code: -27, Error: Transaction already in block chain”

But I am seeing the message:

Its been like this for at least 3 days.