Transaction not found but only on my node

Hi there,
two days ago I was sent an onchain tx to an address generated from my Samourai wallet coupled with Dojo running on my Umbrel.

The incoming tx showed up immediately on my wallet and on the mempool. The fee was quite low but 2x the purging level, at the time of sending (around 31 sat/vB). Yesterday it dropped under that level for a while and, at a certain point, the tx disappeared in Samourai and also in my mempool instance running on my Umbrel. However, the tx can still be seen (of course unconfirmed) in the general, as well as in the sender’s wallet.

My node is full synched and I don’t see any issue in the Dojo status page under the Maintenance Tool.
Could it be that my node’s mempool purged the transaction after just a couple of days? If so, is there a way to “restore” it, so that I can see again the incoming tx in my wallet (and maybe evaluate to bump the fees)?
Considering that, in my case, Samourai wallet is running with Dojo Full Node enabled, if & when the tx will be eventually mined in a block, will I be able to receive it and spend it or no?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

Let me confirm, but I believe the best way to address this will be to increase your maximum mempool size (which will use more RAM fyi) from the bitcoin node app.

Thanks, I tried that but my node still shows “Transaction not found. Waiting for it to appear in the mempool…”. I guess it would appear only if the tx is broadcasted again.

About that, things are getting weirder: today the transaction disappeared from the sender’s wallet too (and his balance is restored), but the tx can be seen still on! :sweat_smile:

I think the only way out of this now is making a new tx with higher fees. Then, if and when the old one will be included in a block, it will be considered a double spend and discarded… I guess. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

If it’s just a normal transfer you should be able to do a CPFP transaction to bump it, if it’s a whirlpool/coinjoin transaction im not sure tho sorry.

Just adding a have a UTXO consolidation TX sitting in but no where to be seen in Umbrel Local mempool or on sparrow wallet. The transaction initially showed and then disappeared from sparrow.

Im guessing the big boys just have more memory to work with and the TX just keeps getting passed around ? An interesting thing is on the Last Seen keeps changing from “1 day ago” to a week ago, etc and back and forth.

I went cheap and put it in as a 1/sat/vbyte transaction back in the middle of November so I suppose it may never clear or I will have to fee bump it. Not sure. Anyway seeing the same thing, Kinda…