Tailscale app stuck in starting mode

i used to use tailscape to access my node from abroad. quite convenient and efficient, i like it.
i tried to use it recently and couldn’t connect…

i then went back to my node when i got the chance to get near it and removed the tailscale from my umbrel node. rebooted … reinstalled … … same thing.
it is stuck in “starting” mode and won’t open the tailscale first window…
after a while it says umbrel ( IP’s) is not accessable…

any idea ?

not sure but looks that way

Hey @tepeji and @Syturio, sorry you’re having this issue. I haven’t experience this issue myself so I don’t know exactly what is happening, but can help troubleshoot.

Can you please do the following:

  • Let me know what device you are running Umbrel on (e.g., raspberry pi, custom Linux install…)
  • Post troubleshooting logs from your Umbrel. You can get these logs from either:
    • Your Umbrel Dashboard: go to Settings → Troubleshoot and click “Start”
    • Command line: Run `~/umbrel/scripts/debug

We may need to dig a little deeper then this, but this will help me rule out some usual culprits.

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hi thanks for trying
running on dedicated mini PC. 8G ram
under Ubuntu
umbrel-1689874603000-debug.log (24.5 KB)
first one without tailscale installed.

then i install tailscale
tailscale seems to install all right and start.
but when trying to open it … it get stuck and finishes with “can’t reach umbrel IP…”

t2nd roubleshoot scripts attached.
umbrel-1689875078172-debug.log (25.6 KB)


Thanks @tepeji. The logs you provided look fine for Tailscale, but I see that the tor container associated specifically with the Tailscale app is down on your machine.

Are you accessing your Dashboard over Tor and then clicking on Tailscale but getting the “can’t reach umbrel IP…” error? Or something like “Onionsite not found”? Or are you accessing your Dashboard over your local network and still getting an error when trying to load the Tailscale app?

I just checked on my Umbrel, and my Tor container for Tailscale (not any other apps) is also down with these errors:

Jul 24 01:27:16.813 [notice] Read configuration file "/tmp/torrc".
Jul 24 01:27:16.855 [warn] Unparseable address in hidden service port configuration.
Jul 24 01:27:16.856 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to configure rendezvous options. See logs for details.
Jul 24 01:27:16.856 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.

I’ll look into this.

Thanks @anon56546899! Looks like your issue is unrelated to @tepeji’s. I don’t see anything immediately obvious in the logs, so I’m wondering if this is a general network issue or perhaps an underlying issue with the Raspberry Pi. I’ll discuss with the Team and get back to you.

HI, thanks for your input and time. I gave up on tailscape although it was useful at the beginning. i am using another vpn now .