Weird Umbrel connection

I’m not sure if you guys even see these, but documenting it here incase it’s an issue with umbrel.

Today for some reason I can connect to my umbrel node over tailscale on safari (iphone), but every other connection seems to be dead e.g. via IP address/umbrel.local on laptop/PC, via tailscale on laptop, via Tor, via LNC/Tor to Zeus.

can’t even ssh into this mf. so strange

here are the logs i got from umbrel on my phone umbrel-1679470525172-debug.log (57.0 KB)

can you restart it and get a fresh log

are you sure your local IP didnt change?

you can type

ip addr

in terminal to check.

you logs shows tailscale and tor not starting and a couple other things

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exact same here