Swapping out raspberry pi

If i wanted to upgrade my pi from 4 GB to 8GB, would i just go to the settings in the UI, stop Umbrel, swap out the PI, then put it back together again?

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Yes, do a full shutdown of the node, and move the microSD card over to the 8GB RPi, and then connect the HDD/SSD to the USB3 port, then you should be good to go.

Note: You might get a warning when you try to SSH into the new RPi, but you should be able to safely ignore that message and remove the previous RPi’s RSA identification key from your known_hosts file.

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Should that whole process be self explanatory after i plug everything back in? (Just asking because i assume as soon as i hook everything back up, it should automatically restart, right?)

And thank you for your help btw. I’m pretty good with simple tech stuff. Just new to this and didn’t know if there might be any specials tricks to anything. lol

Yes, it should start right back up as soon you plug in the power supply. My pleasure to help you, and welcome to the Umbrel community!

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Awesome! Thanks again!