Hardware upgrade

Hello everybody,
I’m actually running Umbrel on a Pi4, 4GB RAM and I’d like to switch to a 8GB…
Is it possible to do this without closing all my channels?
And what about a SSD upgrade? Same question…

Thank you!


Same question, I think Raspberry switch will not be problem. But some cloning function of SSD like on myNode would be nice.

Is this possible under win? Clone ext4 ssd?

I hope someone can create I guide! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The 0.3.11 update :arrow_down: will probably motivate more people to upgrade.

Changing out the Pi itself will change nothing if you just migrate the SSD + the SD card.

The SSD, you’ll need to do a disk image / clone the disk, which will require you to go down. I’m actually also trying to figure out how I can do it while the pi is running… with the SSD running.

mind clarifying why swapping out the SSD + microSD card will not be enough to upgrade RAM? (i already have 8GB just wondering for educational purposes how umbrel-os works). will the umbrel-os still only see 4GB ram because of the config-files/other-metadate previously written to either microSD or SSD from the initial run?

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