Stuck on starting

OKay, saw this problem with others as well. So i removed the lines out json file.
I could now ssh in the terminal. Made a debug but how to paste it here? It’s so many lines!

So i’ll start at the end and paste some and maybe it’s enough so someone can tell me what i could do.
In there i read there’s not enough space. That’s strange because i see my Umbrel settings page (which i can open) that i used 617 GB out of 983 GB. And of my RAM i use 1 out of 4 GB.

2023-05-26T00:43:49Z Using wallet /data/.bitcoin/wallet.dat
2023-05-26T00:43:49Z BerkeleyEnvironment::Open: LogDir=/data/.bitcoin/database ErrorFile=/data/.bitcoin/db.log
2023-05-26T00:43:49Z Using /16 prefix for IP bucketing
2023-05-26T00:43:49Z init message: Loading P2P addresses…
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Loaded 75807 addresses from peers.dat 1568ms
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z init message: Loading banlist…
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z banlist.dat ignored because it can only be read by Bitcoin Core version 22.x. Remove “/data/.bitcoin/banlist.dat” to silence this warning.
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z SetNetworkActive: true
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Cache configuration:
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z * Using 2.0 MiB for block index database
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z * Using 53.4 MiB for transaction index database
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z * Using 46.7 MiB for basic block filter index database
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z * Using 8.0 MiB for chain state database
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z * Using 318.9 MiB for in-memory UTXO set (plus up to 286.1 MiB of unused mempool space)
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z init message: Loading block index…
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Assuming ancestors of block 00000000000000000009c97098b5295f7e5f183ac811fb5d1534040adb93cabd have valid signatures.
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Setting nMinimumChainWork=00000000000000000000000000000000000000003404ba0801921119f903495e
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Switching active chainstate to Chainstate [ibd] @ height -1 (null)
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Opening LevelDB in /data/.bitcoin/blocks/index
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Opened LevelDB successfully
2023-05-26T00:43:51Z Using obfuscation key for /data/.bitcoin/blocks/index: 0000000000000000
2023-05-26T00:44:10Z LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file = 3618
2023-05-26T00:44:10Z LoadBlockIndexDB: last block file info: CBlockFileInfo(blocks=72, size=120498595, heights=791328…791399, time=2023-05-25…2023-05-25)
2023-05-26T00:44:10Z Checking all blk files are present…
2023-05-26T00:44:14Z Opening LevelDB in /data/.bitcoin/chainstate
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /data/.bitcoin/chainstate/2585474.ldb: No space left on device
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z You can use -debug=leveldb to get more complete diagnostic messages
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /data/.bitcoin/chainstate/2585474.ldb: No space left on device
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z : Error opening block database.
Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover.
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z Aborted block database rebuild. Exiting.
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z Shutdown: In progress…
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z scheduler thread exit
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z CBlockPolicyEstimator::Write(): unable to write policy estimator data (non-fatal)
2023-05-26T00:44:18Z Failed to write fee estimates to /data/.bitcoin/fee_estimates.dat. Continue anyway.
2023-05-26T00:44:19Z Shutdown: done

umbrel@umbrel:~ $ Connection to umbrel.local closed by remote host.

Any thoughts?

txs ahead,

weird it says no space and then is asking for the chain to be re indexed.

you can do that or wait till someone else chimes in because that will take forever and if its disk failure or something you’ll be stuck doing things over and over.
do you have a bunch of other apps that could be using disk space.

Hmm this is weird, yes full logs might be more helpful in this case. You can post them here and then reply with the link.

Maybe see what you get if you run this tag too as per the logs above

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug -debug=leveldb

I used your command and got this:

and the full debug

That’s all i have.
So plenty space i would say :slight_smile:

Just to confirm you tried this fix?

Hey @DeKroniek you do have the json error in your recent log, so you do need to follow the troubleshooting provided above by smolgrrr

But you got unlucky and have another error in the Bitcoin Core log too - your first post also had the fatal/corrupt block error asking to reindex,

So you’d also need to do a reindex to fix that too with these steps:

(I always want to remind to clarify above, once you add reindex, avoid rebooting until it’s complete at 100% or it will start over, then once complete you can remove reindex=1)

If you have any other issues let us know!

I did the settings.jason thing and afterward i let it reindex.
Now i do see that i’m synchronizing and it’s at 97% (last block is from 2 months ago). That’s not the reindexing thing?

But i should remove the reindex when it’s at 100?

Thanks all for the great help!
I’m up and running again