Stuck on Running Umbrel migrations


I checked for update and started the update process. But now the node is stuck on “Running Umbrel migrations…” There is a clear message on the bottom that I cannot refresh the window of power off the node. But I have been waiting for 2 hours now. What to do?

Any ideas?

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Hey @farl sorry to hear about your issue. Do you use Telegram or some other kind of instant messenger so I can walk through some debug steps with you in realtime?

You can message me at

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I’m facing same which, could you please share the steps to debug or fix the issue?

Thank you, I have contacted you on Telegram. And thank you for your help there Luke!

Seems like my SD card run out of storage. I needed to reflash the SD card with the new UmbrelOS.

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Hey @mafzaal It’s due to a MicroSD card issue running out of room

The most reliable fix for this issue if you are on the Raspberry Pi 4 platform is to reflash your MicroSD card. If you have another one you can swap in, please try another card as well in case you have a failing card

SSH and run this command to safely shutdown: sudo shutdown

Unplug power and reflash your MicroSD card, then when complete plug in your power last and wait ~5 minutes

For reference, reflashing will not result in any data loss because all data is stored on your external storage drive (SSD or HDD).

To reflash your MicroSD card, follow the steps on the website under “Install on a Rasberry Pi 4.”

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Thank you @usernameisJim your steps worked. Did Umbrel 0.5.4 update work after re-flashing?

when you reflash it does run through an automatic update so it’s safe to flash to most recent version even if you’re on the old one

If anyone stumbles upon this post,

Here are detailed steps on help with resolving the error: Starting New Services, Running Migrations, or Stuck Starting/Failed Update Screens

Feel free to ping me or reply in thread- or reach out via any of Umbrel’s official support avenues if any issue persists: