Stuck in a loop - reflashing microsd then crashing after 5 minutes

Hi there, I’m kinda stuck in loop. I reflash the microsd and umbrel boots up fine, however 5 minutes after signing in something goes wrong. This is for a node that was previously fully synced and working. If I still have dashboard open I can click around and try to shutdown/restart but I get an error. When I try to ssh into it I get “could not resolve hostname” and I can’t access via umbrel.local or ip. So i unplug to restart it and after restarting it shows a system error instead of the login screen. So i reflash the microsd and try again. Anyone have any tips of what I can try for troubleshooting next? I’m able to ssh initially after the reflash. Here are the logs (sorry I don’t really know what i’m looking at). I’m using the official power supply and the recommended ssd and an enclosure from same brand as the one recommended but with a different design.

Any help is much appreciated.

Logs attached:
umbrellogs181121.txt (76.8 KB)

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This is not a software problem but a hardware problem.
Check your hardware:

  • power adapter that is not original or is damaged, a slightly fluctuation in voltage provided can fuck up all the rest
  • SSD case, sometimes just die or is not the right one, try change it
  • USB cables - many are shity or USB ports not working well, try changing
  • SSD itself, because of voltage fluctuations can be damaged, this alsways happen with external drives
  • mSD cards, those tiny things are a nightmare, can damage so easily.

Thank you DarthCoin! I’ve replaced the SSD enclosure and everything appears to be working normally now.