Starting Umbrel... umbrel-os-v0.3.12 external storage issue

I am using this hardware

I am stuck at Starting Umbrel… and it appears to be an external storage issue. The NVMe, storage controller and cable all work on my mac and linux machine, but seems to be an issue with umbrel. Any thoughts?

Yeah I think you nailed it, seems to be not enough power. This is the first I am hearing about BitPiRat, would that board replace the Pi 4b 8gb completely or is it an addon? If it replaces it completely can I still use Umbrel OS? Where can you purchase it?

For kicks I just ordered the argon one m2 case and the argon power supply. Going to try the more powerful power supply first with my old setup and it no go then will try the argon case. Will wait a bit on the BitPiRat since they seem to be still tweaking this design, but that too looks very promising.

Curious, is it true if you go with argon one m2 case you can go without a microSD and instead book direct from NVMe? It is possible to flash the umbrel OS to the NVMe to do this?

So quick update.

The more powerful argon power supply did not help, still same error when using the sabrent enclosure and the Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2.

Also the argon one m.2 case with argon power supply with the Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 also same error.

So I went with the Orico USB case and the Crucial MX500 linked from the getumbrel site and this finally worked.

I tried using the Argon M2 case and kept getting SSD errors. When I run the rasberry (8gb) out of the case all works fine. I am using a 3.5 amp usb-c power supply. I think the Argon M2 has power issues.

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I also ran into the same issue stuck on starting umbrel with an NVMe SSD in a ASUS ROG STRIX ARION enclosure. i then purchased the argon 1 with the M2 interface for a cleaner look and less clutter. That interface is not compatible with NVMe SSDs.I Purchased this and paired it with the M2 argon works well.

TEAMGROUP MS30 1TB with SLC Cache 3D NAND TLC M.2 2280 SATA III 6Gb/s Internal Solid State Drive SSD (Read/Write Speed up to 530/480 MB/s)