SSH Fails, it's not my IP address. Web front end working: what else to try?

My node usually works well. SSH Works, (UPDATE: worked sort of now fails) various different access methods for the APIs work across my LAN.

But just like now, the node is not connected. I can ping it on the network but it doesn’t respond to any other kind of traffic.

No idea how long I should wait before power cycling it.

What is your hardware?

Raspberry Pi 4

I’ve got the web interface back after a reboot. And ssh was working but was very slow.

Now that the web is back and the node is connected and working, for whatever reason I can’t SSH in!

The diagnostic logs aren’t giving me any clues but SSH refuses to connect now.

What is the cpu temperature? If high (> 60 C) then it is reindexing txs. Wait, can take days. Dont force reboot several times, will corrupt disk helplessly.
Guess you have a hardware problem, likely usb cable or usb-to-sata adapter.
Maybe a full disk… Try checking those, need reboot Pi with a Raspberian SD card.

CPU Temp is fine, 37C and cool.

Here’s what I did: yesterday I installed the Lightning Shell app on the appstore.

I experimented with charge-lnd and followed their instructions to set it up to run on a cron job on the Umbrel. I think I got that working.

I also set up the BOS Telegram bot but not in a persistant way so that has not survived.

This afternoon my node disconnected. I was unable to get to it via any means so I rebooted my router and checked my network.

Then eventually I power cycled the Umbrel.

It came back and I could SSH in but everything was very slow.

I did crontab -e and deleted the one line I added yesterday (

0 * * * * docker run --rm --network=umbrel_main_network  -e GRPC_LOCATION= -e LND_DIR=/data/.lnd -e CONFIG_LOCATION=/app/charge.config -v /home/umbrel/umbrel/lnd:/data/.lnd  -v /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/charge-lnd:/app accumulator/charge-lnd:latest

I then issued a sudo reboot and just after I pressed enter on that, I got notified that the Node was back up! The web interface started working… but then it rebooted.

It’s now back up with the web interface and the lightning channels connected but I can’t get in to ssh now!

I’m completely confused. I’m mostly documenting this here for my own benefit, don’t expect anyone to plough through all this.

Are you sure you SSH using correct IP? Attach a monitor to pi’s hdmi and restart it to see ip.

The IP address isn’t the issue. It has a static IP and I can see it on the LAN and the web interface is working

I was just hunting around now for a display cable and I don’t have one. If I can’t figure this out I’ll have to try to buy one tomorrow.