Ssh: connect to host umbrel.local port 22: Host is down

Hi guys,

I can’t access to my node using web neither ssh. Got this error message when using ssh :
“ssh: connect to host umbrel.local port 22: Host is down”

Few fays ago I got a notification message to tell me my SD should be changed. I order one, but did not received yet.

Could the SD card induce this issue ? If so what’s the step to change the SD ? Can I brut shutdow the Pi and make the changes ?

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If we cannot SSH or access the dashboard the only option would be to unplug, and we can reflash the SD card. You’ll want to see a green flickering light :green_circle: :sparkles: next to your red power light on the Pi, flickering indicates there is activity and the SD card is indeed being read correctly. Please let us know if you’ve tried this troubleshooting step and we can continue to assist!

That’s what I finally did ! Every thing is fine now :nerd_face:
Thanks for your answer

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