Something is wrong...removing containers in the log

running on R pi 4. i had multiple problems and chose re-flash sd card with my umbrel. I did it once before (1 y back) and back then it worked. now there is an issue in the debug logs. I dont understand. Can someone explain it in english?

can someone who knows what is going on behind curtains explain what is the problem?
BTW: I have little funny feel about whole ecosystem. There is almost perfect split between people who dont know anything (what is IP, what is ssh, how to copy file or delete something on linux) and gurus that are docker experts. The troubleshooting documentation, if not absent, is targeted to the first group. It is not not much help if you turn it on/off and use proper power supply. this way, it becomes the opposite of what it was meant to be, a transparent ecosystem. Anyway, enough ranting, can someone interptret those debug logs for me?

debug logs on pastebin

thank you

hmmm, seems it is struggling to update.
can you try running this script please

cd ~/umbrel && echo ‘{“state”: “success”, “progress”: 100, “description”: “Successfully installed Umbrel v0.5.3”, “updateTo”: “v0.5.4”}’ | sudo tee statuses/update-status.json && sudo scripts/update/update --ota

or if that doesn’t work, just this

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.5.4

debug logs 2

here are debug logs AFTER updating from web gui. For some reason, it is unbearably slow
even debug script runds like 50 seconds
something is still wrong i assume. even after update, new sdcard and few reboots.

this is how htop looks like it is not normal to have 100% load for hours. please advise.

Apologies for the delayed response.
Interestingly it looks like everything’s running perfectly fine from the logs now.

Are you noticing any issues when you use any of the main apps or dashboard? Logs do take a bit of time to generate.