100% new install, recover from seed, docker containers still restarting

My configuration:
Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB
Fresh install of Umbrel OS 0.4.9 but then upgraded to 0.4.10
A fresh install from Seed, I had similar problems with docker restarts. You can find my last trouble shooting issue here: http://community.umbrel.com/t/umbrel-stuck-synchronising-after-0-4-9-upgrade/5108

I’m getting the same issues, electrs and bitcoin docker containers restarting. I’ve only synced upto 24%, and peers keep dropping out.

Pinging @louneskmt on this one, user had this issue before, reformatted drive and reflashed SD card and problem remains. Only other thought I have is some other hardware component like the USB cable.

@jonsyu @louneskmt I just replaced the USB cable. We can rule that out. I’m still having the same issue.

Could you provide both the bitcoin log and lnd log, and possibly an updated debug log, too?
I’ve checked the previous one you provided, but that’s not up-to-date anymore.

tail -f -n 200 ~/umbrel/lnd/logs/bitcoin/mainnet/lnd.log
tail -f -n 200 ~/umbrel/bitcoin/debug.log

Assuming you have a corrupt block in your blockchain, but usually bitcoin doesn’t restart that rapidely, but rather rolling back after a while. So we need to look into the logs to identify what’s wrong

Thanks for the reply. Before you replied I’ve reflashed the SD card with v0.4.7 Umbrel OS, and it seems to be syncing :crossed_fingers:.

It was syncing with UmbrelOS v0.4.9 then midway through the sync I upgraded to 0.4.10 and I think that is when all my problems started again.

Cool, yeah never a good idea to upgrade while syncing. Would be better if umbrel UI would not allow an update trigger before bitcoind is fully synced. @louneskmt FYI