Some Issue Installing Apps

Seem to be having some issue installing apps after upgrading to latest version 0.4.1.

Here a snippet from debug log. Below for btc-rpc explorer. Same for mempool. Any help appreciate.

Got signal: app-install-btc-rpc-explorer
karen is getting triggered!
Setting up data dir for app btc-rpc-explorer…
sending incremental file list

sent 78 bytes received 12 bytes 180.00 bytes/sec
total size is 1,073 speedup is 11.92
Pulling images for app btc-rpc-explorer…
Pulling web …
Pulling web … pulling from getumbrel/btc-rpc-ex…
Pulling web … digest: sha256:df6810c00cb026a1d8…
Pulling web … status: image is up to date for g…
Pulling web … done

Starting app btc-rpc-explorer…
layer does not exist
Got signal: debug
karen is getting triggered!



same here… MEMPOOl in particular… !
been like this for hours
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 15.30.14|301x500

Follow the troubleshooting guide the section about app that doesn’t install and use the manual update

i had my mempool fixed by uninstalling Pi-hole, made sure all everything is running smoothly, then installed mempool again. i’d then re-install pi-hole. About pihole, you literally have not much to do. Just go to pihole, key in password, moneyprintergobrrr , Tools, Upgrade Gravity, and click on Update, once update is done, you’re good to go.

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