Apps not starting

Bitcoin core is synchronizing but the apps won’t start. Occasionally 1or 2 will start but the rest won’t.

What to do?

Did you try to reboot from the settings page?

A few times.

Which apps? BTC or Lightning related? These won´t work if BTC blockchain is not 100% downloaded and then if UTXO set is not indexed.

Nextcloud, Menpool, Pi-hole, Samurai Server, BlueWallet Lighting, Specter Desktop, Tailscale VPN, Syncthing,… Any app installed.

Bitcoin Core 100% synchronized.

I don´t know what is happening, few information to work with, but I guess RaspPi don´t have enough power to carry all those apps running together. If happens memory overflow, or excessive disk use, problems will come.
Truth is bitcoin core is a heavy burden to RaspPi, and the external usb disk system is not reliable, the less under stress.

I had the same issues after previous update, in fact the problem was only for tor onion access, when I access from local network it was fine. After 2-3 reboot, it happens that the most critical apps worked and I leave it like this and the next day everything was working fine again.
So check first if you can access via local IP and if yes I suggest to just leave it a day or so.

Thanks LoboGuarda and Eluc for your help.

Waiting a few days after reboot didn’t helped.

If the recommended Raspberry Pi 4
setup is not enough to run Bitcoin core, BlueWallet Lighting, BTC RPC Explorer, mempool, and Samourai Server, what’s the point in adding more apps to the platform or recommending a setup that’s inadequate?

Info on setup:
Device: Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
Storage: 438.5 GB available
RAM: 1.5 GB available
Apps: 5 installed
Umbrel Version: 0.4.14

Removed Pi-hole (access denied when the app do start, so no point keeping it), Tailscal (never started), Syncthing, and Nextcloud (can’t store files there if not sure I’ll get access to it). All apps are now starting.

There was no change in the RAM usage after deleting those apps.

I have installed mempool and Bitfeed, Weird behaviour is that on a PC brownser (chrome) the apps are show as “Starting…” so unavailable but on a mobile brownser (iOS Safari) both apps are show as available and are working fine.

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Yeah browser compatibility issue! Good you brought it up @grilo :muscle: I’m using Safari too, the only issue I’ve with it is accessing the Lightning Shell app as the inputs for user/passwords doesn’t come up