[SOLVED] Bitcoind won´t sync - V0.5.3

Hey! Newbie here.
Ubuntu 22.04, laptop i7, 8gb RAM
All worked great in version 0.5.1 and 0.5.2.
After upgrade to 0.5.3, Bitcoin won’t sync (neither Electrs obviously)

Log File:

All I read is Tor related… Help appreciated!

Figured it out by myself, with the help of this post on reddit

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15 hours ago

Must try commands to fix everything wrong with Umbrel

Try these commands in order, via SSH (ssh umbrel@umbrel.local) if any of your apps are stuck in “Starting…” mode (after an update).

  1. ~/umbrel/scripts/app ls-installed | xargs -I _ ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop _
  2. ~/umbrel/scripts/app start bitcoin and wait for Bitcoin to not say “Starting…”
  3. ~/umbrel/scripts/app start lightning and wait for Lightning to not say “Starting…”
  4. (Optional) Run this if you have Tailscale app installed: ~/umbrel/scripts/app start tailscale and wait for Tailscale to not say “Starting…”
  5. ~/umbrel/scripts/app ls-installed | xargs -I _ ~/umbrel/scripts/app start _

These 5 commands will usually fix everything wrong with your Umbrel.

Note: These steps are only necessary for people running a Bitcoin and/or Lightning node. For people who only run file sharing software, and do not run any cryptocurrency related software these steps are slightly different: namely, the the Step 2, 3, 4 and is replaced by a single step to make sure Transmission started correctly: ~/umbrel/scripts/app start transmission