Bitcoin node does not syncro after update Umbrel

Hi! After update Umbrel at v0.5.4 my bitcoin node does not work at all. I re-flash my memory card but… nothing! I have a little money on it. Is there anyone to help me?
Thank you so much!

Hey @Giumin

Could you please go to the settings dashboard on your Umbrel, and press START under troubleshooting. You can share the log here for us to investigate further. Thanks

After the update is when my problems began. I even re-flashed my SSD in addition to my SD card and I can’t even re-install any apps to troubleshoot anything. I was going to back install 0.5.3 but I didn’t keep a copy after re-installing 0.5.4 and it can’t be downloaded anymore. Hopefully they come out with another update soon that fixes whatever broke in 0.5.4.