Moving from VM to Raspberry Pi 4

I am in the process of testing out Umbrel using Virtualbox and Ubuntu on a HDD. So far so good, and I would like to go even further, depositing BTC and opening a channel or two. But my long term strategy is using a RP4 on a SSD. Will I be able to take my existing setup from PC to RP4 without closing channels and moving funds?

As @Matrox so elegantly put it in this thread:

“I would like to move my Umbrel node i.e. the nodes unique name and all its history & reputation (as viewable on 1ML) along with the full btc balance and also all the lightning channels and there balances (not closing them) onto the new hardware that I have.”

Can I boot up the RP4 with Umbrel OS, copy / paste my entire directory from the HDD to the SSD? and be good to go? Or will this create a new “user”?

This is a great question and although I haven’t done this myself, I would try and create a brand new VM ubuntu and then try moving the HDD to SSD like myself as a tester before moving onto the the RP4, I think if the new VM works then you would be go for the RP4 :sweat_smile:

Yeah, this could be done to test things, thanks.
Im not sure though where in the file hierarchy the information regarding the user lays, is it in the OS-part on the SD-card (when RP4) or the SSD. Do you (or anyone else) know?

Hmm I’m assuming it will all be on the SSD, although I don’t have an RP4 I would assume you would use the SD-card to load the OS only onto the SSD and then all user details will be grabbed from the SSD.

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