Reflash Problem

What is the best way to start from scratch and stand up the node again? I’m using raspberry pi 4.

I had my umbrel node up and running but for various reasons I’m trying to wipe it and start over. I reflashed the microSD and set everything up again. When I go to umbrel.local I still get the “welcome back” screen asking me to sign in instead of the setup screen that goes through the process of writing down seed words, creating a password, etc. If I sign in then it goes to my old node name and says its synchronized but the last block is from an hour ago when I unplugged it. Any thoughts?

Edit: the old node now resyncs, but not what I was trying to do. Essentially I’m trying to wipe the old node and start up a new node instance.

The user data resides on the SSD not on the mSD. On mSD is only the OS+apps so everytime you reflash it, the node is just fine on SSD. This is good because if you have problems with software, just reflash will fix a lot of errors but the user data stays intact.
If you want to wipe totally, you will need also to wipe the SSD.


what is the best way to wipe the SSD. connect to another computer and format as NTFS?

Umbrel do not use NTFS. Be aware, that format is only for windows systems. UmbrelOS is using ext4.
Is simple: just delete the partition, with whatever system but do not create a new partition.
When you will install a new Umbrel session, the system will detect the drive and will format it in the process.

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