Setup - Ethernet Disconnected

Hello! I followed Umbrel’s Raspberry Pi tutorial, and everything went smooth until I made the poor decision of switching ethernet cables in the middle of the installation. Once I disconnected it, my connection to http://umbrel.local/ ended (which I expected), but upon reconnection, the page and download did not come back. I’ve switched back to my original cord and still no dice. What should I do?

One idea I have is to erase the harddrive, reflash Umbrel to the HD, and hope that resets the initialization process.

I’m angry to have caused this issue myself, but this is exactly why I am doing my own node; to problem-solve issues like these.

My many thanks in advance for your help!

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I reflashed the microSD, installed it into the Pi, rebooted, and after a minute, Umbrel came up when I went here: http://umbrel.local/. Whereas I was expecting the HD to be wiped due to the reflashing (I thought there was a warning that anything on the HD would be wiped), it picked right back up syncing where it left off.

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Great outcome, reflashing your SD is perfectly safe to do and won’t affect your HD!