Whirlpool GUI not connecting after upgrade to 0.3.11

Since the upgrade to v0.3.11 I can’t get my whirlpool-gui to completely connect to the Umbrel. I get a message “Authentication failed: Unable to connect to wallet backend:

When I check under “System” in whirlpool-gui it appears that I am connected to the whirlpool-cli on the Umbrel through TOR (it says “Connected to CLI”).

The Samourai Mobile app is able to connect, and if I check the DOJO maintenance tool it looks like everything is running fine. But whirlpool-gui is still not working… Anyone have any ideas?

Well, the 0.3.12 release appears to have fixed this. It must have been the Tor issue that bit me too?

Thanks for the quick fix! But please look over the QA for the releases, to avoid future heart-attacks…

hie? i am running the previous version of Umbrel , just before 0.4.4

But I have the same issue you mention here ==> Whirlpool was working fine for months with Umbrel + Dojo … But It stopped functioning ==> impossible now to connect whirlpool to Dojo server via my Umbrel node) so I restarted Umbrel node, reinstalled Whirlpool and did as usual…

but the problem is still remaining :frowning: IT JUST WON’T Authenticate even though everything else is fine (Umbrel node/ Dojo + Samourai Wallet)

message error = “Authentication failed: PostmixIndex error - please resync your wallet or contact support”

thx in advance for your suggestions