Running Tor on Specter

Hello, I am having an issue setting up Tor on Specter. I pressed the “Setup Tor” button and received this message. Any suggestions or tips?

Also, since I’m running Tor on my node, is my Spector wallet protected through Umbrel? Or am i still vulnerable?

Thanks in advance!

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In Specter Desktop preferences (menu item) > Do you want to connect to a remote Specter? Do you have No, run Specter locally set? Are you trying to run in HWI Bridge mode (Specter App installed on the node), or do you intend to use Specter Desktop standalone and connected to your node?

I think it’s a problem directly related to specter. I have the same issue on a local installation… Created a bug report here:

If it’s run locally, does it mean that it runs over Umbrel’s Tor instance? If so, is there a way to test that indeed the transactions made with Specter are indeed running over Tor?

According to the GitHub, they deflected it back to the node distributions themselves, i.e. Umbrel. Was there a solution found to this issue? I’m kind of afraid to install a local instance of tor because issues arose when I did that in the past.