[FIXED] Issue configuring Specter with Bitcoin Core node

[UPDATE] using LAN IP did work, Thanks to Zatoshi
But still not working with local domain or TOR


[RPi4/8Gb + SD card for OS + 1Tb SATA SSD] + umbrelOS 1.0.4

I’m having issue configuring Specter to use umbrel’s Bitcoin Core node (both hosted in umbrel) with RPC local & via Tor, I am getting an error :

Connection attempt failed, configuration changes needed

Why did the connection attempt fail?
X Connectable
No connection with your Bitcoin Core node could be established. There are a lot of potential issues preventing the connection. Start with double-checking the host and port. Make sure you can reach the host and that Bitcoin Core is listening on the port you have specified.

Any idea to help me configuring Specter ? The issue was already here with umbrel 0.5.x

Thank you !