TOR settings specter desktop

Hi, I have installed specter desktop as described in umbrel connect wallet!
So I installed homebrew and TOR. After I installed specter desktop on my mac (after verifying gpg) and I go to settings/specter/ TOR I see that TOR service build in is selected en is not running!
If I put to start TOR test and save, a pop-up comes that’s ok but when I come back to TOR tab it’s stopped again. It is like it won’t stay on running.
Before I connect a wallet I would like to know if it’s safe

What could be the reason of this?
I also run Bitdefender


You misunderstood…
Tor browser is NOT Tor service. Are two different things.
In the “connect wallet” instructions it is very clear specified that you need to install “Tor service”.

Once is installed and running, it will be used as a local proxy to connect various apps through Tor network ( on port 9050 by default)

So in Specter you will go to settings and indicate that proxy then the onion address of your node (see instructions in Umbrel - connect wallet).

So if I understand I don’t have to change anything on this tab?

Yes, you just have to connect to your node, using the instructions.

Node was already connected was just worried about safe connection

Thx :facepunch:t2: