Running out of disk space on ubuntu

Hello, I’ll soon run out of disk space to store the blockchain. I wanted to use a external drive. From what I’m reading here I’m in doubt if I should: 1) back up to the external drive and recover from there? 2) mirror the internal drive in the external drive with more space? 3) install Umbrel from scratch in the new drive, use my seed phrase and start downloading everything again in the new disk? Help is appreciated. Thank you

If you use Windows as your primary PC, this guide can help you: [GUIDE] Cloning or Migrating SSD/HDD (Windows)

I should have said that I run Umbrel on Ubuntu 20.04 running on al old MacBook Pro

You should be able to repeat what I did when I upgraded from HDD to SSD running ubuntu on my VM.

Moving Umbrel node to new hardware - Support and Troubleshooting - Umbrel Community (

Basically shutdown the node, copy across entire Umbrel dir to the new external drive (recommend SSD) then fire it up from the SSD with ./scripts/start

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