Umbrel taking up to much space

Run umbrel on Ubuntu desktop with ethernet, using SSD 1tb.

Yesterday my city lost power for a couple of hours when I got back home I restarted my linux pc to restart my Umbrel node and plex server (only 2 things I use the pc for). First of all plex server uses a NAS and uses almost nothing from SSD.
Yesterday I didn’t get a message on ubuntu that my deskspace was full, but today my plex and umbrel wouldn’t work so I checked the pc and get a message not enough storage (926 gb used). I check to see what uses the most and of course umbrel but I was suspected like max. 450 but it’s using double.
I’m not that good with computers so I don’t know what to do or what to delete.

This is a pic of the space that is being used

I didn’t know what electrs was but turns out it’s from umbrel

Deleted umbrel (kept the copy of the blockchain tho) and reinstalled it. For now it doesn’t seem to take the extra space up

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